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What happened to all the old archives??
I haven't searched in a couple years, but after joining again I can't find ANY of the old sex on the beach photos or videos, Did they delete all the old archives or am I just missing something?? There used to be tons of scenes of people having sex in the surrounding woods, but I can't find ANY of them! Please help!
fred, Nov 03, 2013 20:15
No reply??
Email me, if the administrator can, and I'm willing to pay $$$$ for files of old photos.
fred, Nov 09, 2013 12:18
I 2nd your request here, i have downloaded some excellent stuff in the past, and after a drive meltdown come to re-download some of them, and most of the old best stuff is missing...this sucks!!
jj, Nov 10, 2013 09:17
I was very unhappy with the new changes, nothing like the old stuff which dose not appear to be here. I do have some of the old stuff if your interested. Im already looking for a new site.
let me know.
dennis, Nov 15, 2013 13:48
Problem is this site was the best on the net. It set the standards for all others to follow and then promptly dropped its own standards. In the past there were excellent videos but then the repeats started to show, and now they are almost all repeats. In many cases good videos have been removed in order to be split and shown as if they were new.

Like you I have come back to see if the site is improved but sadly it is now the worst site on the net. Try sites like or FU10. They are the new greats.
Randy, Nov 30, 2013 09:06
Getting rid of most of the archives was a big mistake. I've kept coming back to your site just because of the archives. That won't happen again I'm afraid.
Ron, Dec 04, 2013 20:14
I think I'll have to terminate my subscription now that they have removed the archives. New stuff is not that good and I've pretty much seen everything back to 2011.
ds, Mar 01, 2014 02:05
and few video with Young couple.
ethan, Apr 24, 2014 23:46
Damn! Fiew my favourite videos with older couples is gone! (((
Maksim, Feb 14, 2015 07:59
All nude photographic subjects are at least 18 years old
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