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Missing Videos

I have just joint the site and love what I see :)

The reason I joint was that I saw three videos from another site with your watermark on them. I have looked through here and can't see them anywhere. Can anyone give me a link to them. I see talk of Archives - I can't see any where that links to any archives

Video1 18-25 Slim. By the rocks and sand. Girl slightly drunk, spread her legs very wide in doggy.

Video2 25-35 Average. Rocky Beach. Girl on top uses sticks to hold onto in reverse doggy.

Video3 25-35 Average. Long video 35mins. Couple on Green lilo. Passerby talks to them at the end. Girl notices camera.
R.Molehusband, May 02, 2017 03:45
Further to the email, Video 1 is called Sand Beach Fuck is 15mins long and is here:-
R.Molehusband, May 02, 2017 03:55
Anyone out there?
Does this forum ever get read or replied to?
R.Molehusband, Jun 29, 2017 21:33
Yes, we are here.
Administrator, Jul 08, 2017 23:07
Great to hear from you finally - but you haven't answered the question : (

Can you please respond as to where the videos I am after are located please.
R Molehusband, Jul 18, 2017 18:55
As no-one seems interested in helping - I am cancelling my subscription and give my money to the site that has stolen your videos.

Pity - I did like the site & was willing to pay for your content : (
R Molehusband, Jul 25, 2017 00:33
All nude photographic subjects are at least 18 years old
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