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Username and password retrieval
Hi all

I apologise if I am being a bit slow but I cannot find how to retrieve my username and password. I can get access to the site because my computer has saved the details for me but I cannot access movies. I have mailed support have not had a reply. Could someone please help as I am getting frustrated and would like to access the movie section. Thank you in advance...
John, Dec 11, 2007 13:15
If you can access the site, then choose VIDEO from the top bar which says on it:-
Main Page-Top-Pictures-Video-Forum-Support ETC ETC
This should bring up the videos pages and you can choose which catagory you wish to view IE sex on beach or nudism etc, when you have found this lot you can then ask for specific authors or age groups etc GOOD LUCK
Amigo, Dec 11, 2007 14:36
Thanks for the reply, the problem is I can access the video section but when the media player opens it asks for a username and password and I have forgotten that and cannot find how to retrieve it. I have written twice to the support section but I have had no reply. This site is not as straight forward as others. I am getting a little fed up with not being able to get any support.
John, Dec 17, 2007 12:06
All nude photographic subjects are at least 18 years old
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