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What has happened to Beachhunters?
The quality of the content over the past few months has mostly been the pits. More and more obviously staged stuff, much of it not even taking place on a beach. What's going on? It must have been a really bad year for the people who shoot genuine sex on the beach and other voyeur footage. BH used to be a stand out site - but it isn't any more :- (
cynic, Dec 15, 2007 10:05
Well i'm sorry to say i agree with cynic, the quality has deteriorated totally, the girl in todays update keeps looking at the camera. (STAGED OR WHAT) i have just cancelled my membership... gone are the days of the top quality BEACH action we USED to get from this site. Maybe in a couple of months i'll try a 5 day membership just to see if any improvements have been made but for now my money is better spent at other sites.
Colin (England), Dec 15, 2007 14:42
I agree too. Are there anyother sites with similar content?
John, Dec 17, 2007 12:08
Ditto. Been a member and will cancel. It's more and more set ups and not true voyeur
Da, Dec 18, 2007 10:09
Dear beachHunters Team,
we fully understand that is very difficult to provide 3 times a week a sex on the beach scene. Of you course you can provide staged content, but please classify it as staged.
The biggest problem for this site becomes that your sincerely members feel fooled.

Look at

100% staged.

If you do not believe it:
Watch the blowjob after 7:58 min. Hair of the women suddenly hides the blowjob. Like in each porn movie the man takes care, that the hair does not hide the view on the blowjob.

This is only an example over the recent weeks. Why do you fool us with staged stuff?

Nevertheless beachHunters is still one of the best voyeur sites on the internet. Please try to think about this critic and try to classify staged clips.

Some critic, Dec 31, 2007 14:38
All nude photographic subjects are at least 18 years old
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