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Possibly the most annoying part of this forum is the total lack of responce from anyone at BEACHHUNTERS, If it were my site i would at least be trying to defend against cryticism if i felt it was un-just. So i guess BEACHHUNTERS accepts all the cryticism but just doesn't give a fuck about what the members think and want. Not the ideal way to run a business.
perplexed, Feb 12, 2008 01:25
Kind of feel the same. The 2007 season was obviously very poor so far as good clips were concerned - but I find it astonishing that the obviously staged stuff continues to be posted as if it's genuine. And the same handful of genuine sex on the beach people are shown over and over again, to the point where you actually begin to wonder if they were paid to do what they did. BH has gone way downhill just lately. : (But the membership numbers are higher than ever, so presumably no one cares so long as the money keeps rolling in : (.
cynic, Feb 12, 2008 22:41
yeah BH you need to step it up. Kazanova keep your stuff rolling in. I think you are gonna be the one that keeps hope alive. Bh you have our attention but in this business u know someone will mimic your site and make it more attractive to us, so with that in mind let's get some fresh material and give your fans more of what they crave and pay for, simple as that!!!!!
skee, Feb 15, 2008 06:46
I'm with you all the way Skee.BH can still exite us but the low points are VERY low and the high points are only half way
Iffy-Jiffy, Feb 15, 2008 20:20
Well, today's sex on the beach movie is once again staged. How long can BH call itself 'real voyeur'? There are many, many sites out there offering similar material. It's all very disappointing, not least the complete silence from the people who run the site :- (
cynic, Feb 16, 2008 09:52
BeachHunters / Shadow / Anybody who has anything to do with running this site.

Worried, Feb 18, 2008 00:07
They won't take any notice unless they start losing substantial numbers of members. I've seen this sort of thing happen on other sites. Next thing - expect this forum to be disabled so the complaints can't be seen by potential members and old members wondering whether to rejoin...
cynic, Feb 19, 2008 09:20
Well that's it then as soon as they disable the forum we ALL bail out pronto.
Colin (England), Feb 19, 2008 10:22
Its very obvious they don't give a shit, it is now 10.5 hours into the day for an update and no sign of it. Perhaps they are trolling through the old stuff looking for one we might have forgotten so they can repeat it or maybe the people filming the next STAGED film haven't finished yet!!!!!!!!!!!!
pizdoff, Feb 19, 2008 10:32
This kind of material isn't easy to find, particularly sex on the beach, and most people here are reasonable. If it's been a bad year and this was explained to us, fair enough. But to continue with the silence and the staged clips isn't good enough, IMHO, and just shows contempt for paying members of the site.
cynic, Feb 19, 2008 13:40
Well said, Cynic.

Shadow, let us know, if you dont have the material right now - ok fair.
I can wait - you have shown us many great moments a long way down the road.

But dont give us this staged porn movie week after week.
Staged? No guy on this planet would stop taking his girlfriend from behind just before orgasm - then taking his penis out, pulling off the comdom and masturbate on her back - unless his is told or paid to do so.

The guy filming is moving around like an idiot - to make it looks "real" - but making so much noise the hole area (including the couples) nearby would be aware of his present.

We are not stupid... ok

Shadow - your last comment in this forum was something like: "If you dont like, what you see - go somewhere else"

Is it still the deal here?

Overall - thanks for a great site - in memoriam.

Ben, Feb 23, 2008 04:08
All nude photographic subjects are at least 18 years old
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