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deleted comments
It would seem that you have started deleting comments from individual film pages if they don't suit your purposes IE criticism. Deletion is a form of censorship and i thought we were all against that...Beachhunters reply please
Colin (England), Apr 10, 2008 00:16
Yes, we are in process of deleting such comments and I'll tell you the BIG reason:
we are here at BeachHunters also "normal" people and having heard something once make a note and that's enough - Shadow will do his best to correct anything he can and make members happy. But in most cases there are the same negative comments on pages with similar content. Every time some of you see staged video clip (and we do say it's staged) posts something like "FAKE, what a piece of shit, I'm leaving. Cancel your membership". Or there is (was) a person with MAC who was not smart enough to ask support and on every new clip posted something like "Another video that does not work. This site is... Don't forget to cancel your membership", etc. You must understand that even having in mind all your requests we can't shoot for you right now - it's only the beginning of spring and season is not started yet. Even if Shadow has something for you right now he is out currently. The site is loaded with content that we have and every day we get some new members to the community. By posting such comments not once or twice but every time you simply scare them to death, they cancel, and after all Shadow will not have enough money to get new content for YOU in the next season. The site has a lot of unique real voyeur materials inside that can keep new members for a long time and costs the membership fee... So easy, guys. Healthy criticism can't go so far - we all are not kids but in many cases these comments were like posts of selfish teens. I post several times on the board and shortly explained the situation. You'll also be able to "talk" with Shadow soon. He has not jumped from the ship and will return to the community within a week or so.
Thank you for understanding.
Support, Apr 10, 2008 13:21
All nude photographic subjects are at least 18 years old
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