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I'm here

P.S. The content the manager is dismissed.
Shadow, Apr 16, 2008 14:11
question, can we look forward to reverting back to the super site we all once enjoyed

question, is there a general lack of good honest sex-on-the-beach material at this time.

Thank you and welcome back.
Colin (england), Apr 16, 2008 22:11
Every year spring a hard time for this site. The old material comes to an end, and new still to make there is no opportunity. Certainly now there is a general shortage of good sex. We open the hunting season in the middle of May and you will enjoy it. If you long enough on this site know, that every year it becomes better. I call you to show understanding.
Shadow, Apr 17, 2008 10:36
All nude photographic subjects are at least 18 years old
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