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Jan 9, 2018 Horny lovers caught fucking on beach
2 movies, 20 pics
Theme: sex on the beach
Author: Ko



Here we have couple of lovers... both maybe about 25-27 y.o. Just look what a great big air mattress they've got! And they are not going to simply rest and sunbathing on it - right after they put it on stones the action begins. The girl can't wait anymore... she wants sex and her nipples are already hard... she is the first to take place on that big air thing and soon she is already stroking her lover's cock. After 2-3 min she takes place on top - watch her riding her guy doing it with visible pleasure. Sweet baby... They have changed the pose and to the very end of the clip you'll see this hairy guy hard pumping his girl being on top. He managed to last really long and the girl who was firstly lying under him with her legs high-up (like a chicken on grill) at the end dropped them aside :) He has cum at least and you can see the girl washing her bold shaved pussy and then kissing her lover thanking him for a good sex.

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