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Jul 10, 2018 Couple making sex
2 movies, 20 pics
Theme: sex on the beach
Author: Ko



Did you mention that when girls sit they always cross their legs or keep them closed... but when they are naked they spread them wide and generally don't care about exposing their private parts to others? They are ashamed only fully closed or while stripping :) Well, closer to the subject here we have a couple of lovers making long-long oral sex on beach. I wonder how they managed not to cum from all this licking and sucking. At least the guy should but he appeared to be a hard nut to crack. Enjoy them doing it 69 and simply change their roles from time to time. At the end of the video they are already too horny and they are ready to fuck at least but... this guy appeared to be patented pussy licker. He can't stop doing this... At least his cock became weak and his girl had to suck it a little. When I already thought they will never fuck he nailed his chick... at least. I don't know what they both like more - that long-long foreplay or fucking itself. Watch them changing rhythm and poses. As a bonus, at the very end of the video you can see the girl washing pussy and putting on her sexy white panties and light summer dress.

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