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Apr 12, 2019 Slim girl sucks cock and cum off from her lover's gentle hands
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Theme: sex on the beach
Author: Ko

bodyslim, average


Here we have maybe the laziest sex in the series. I mean everything is going so slow... O lost any hope somewhere at the middle of the clip and in fact I was right. You will not see this couple fucking. At least today. The girl just wanted to rest under the hot sun and her guy had to be very persistent before she took his cock in her hands and later in the mouth. He started playing with her pussy for several times and each time the girl stopped the action after a min or so. And you know what? She was the only one who cum off at the end! Yes, at one moment she was not able to stay any more. Her hips started pressing against her lovers hand, she beats and him a little and relaxed. But what about the guy? Hope we will see part 2 really soon.

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