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Dec 19, 2017 Young and pretty
55 pics
Theme: sex on the beach
Author: Ko



Here is the desert for you. Love story in the sea is something you will never forget. A couple of a young girl and a boy are nude over the wild beach. When I see her I think she wears white bikini as she has got so bright white bikini traces on her body. I look one more time and see her skin burnt. Poor babe. She is in the water with her boyfriend lying on the mattress. Enjoy the close-ups of her labia! Oops the girl's perfect body makes her boyfriend horny and we see his penis erected. No time to waste and the girl takes everything in her hands... to say more... in her mouth... here the blowjob comes. It happens tree times when she sucks him and does not get much back from him. I wish I could be her boyfriend and provide her with the oral pleasure in anyway she likes it. So coming off happily the boy feels satisfied and they both come back to the beach. Very interesting story you all need to see!

All nude photographic subjects are at least 18 years old
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