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Oct 9, 2018 Hot matures fucking like pro's
2 movies, 20 pics
Theme: sex on the beach
Author: Ko



Look at these mature lovers - great bodies for their age and both are bronze from the hot summer sun. The girl is really hot and her man looks strong and... horny :) It seems that our heroes don't like fast rabbit-like fucking. Closer to the middle of the clip I even thought that they will stay "dressed" till the very end but at least their petting has grown in something harder. Watch them working hard pleasing each other in all possible ways - here you'll find everything from kisses to 69 and yes, more the guy will fuck his lady. Enjoy! And who could imagine that this guy will appear to be such a powerful sex machine? His woman must be on the cloud 7 after such long hard (and tender at the same time) fucking. She likes to take it from behind so all the time her naked sexy body is totally exposed - it's a real pleasure watching her moving in ecstasy in that non-stop action... her face tells us everything. Well, three times I was sure the guy has already cum but... not :) You are going to see a real long and great beach sex and... is this the very end or the guy is still thinking about something? I don't know :)

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