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Mar 12, 2019 They were gently fucking
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Theme: sex on the beach
Author: Ko

bodyslim, average


A couple was 20 years old, getting the rest on a beach. They were excited by situation that was their first experience. But of course they would like to have sex. The guy got initiative - he started licking pussy of his girlfriend. At the beginning she was shy and looked around. But some later his tongue did win and she surrendered herself wholly to pleasure. The guy put a few fingers into pussy and began stimulating it by jerky movements. I wouldn't take any chances to do that so roughly. But he knew what he was doing - the girl came. After long kissing the girl started sucking boyfriend's dick. Wonder how could it go in her mouth? Size was not small... She was making blowjob very tenderly and beautifully. That was just a pleasure to watch when the girl was sucking dick. But seems that was not enough for the guy. He wanted wet, tight pussy. The girl sat on the top of her boyfriend and they were gently fucking. This is my favorite video.

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